The vineyard is sited approximately 1,400 feet above sea level on a hillside with south easterly facing slopes, exhibiting idyllic panoramic views of Yakima Valley including Mt. Adams and the Cascade Mountain Range. This orientation provides world-class growing conditions featuring ample air movement, shading in the late afternoon heat, and an early morning inspiration of warmth at sunrise. The soil of the vineyard reveals its ancient history – nurturing grapes that are true to their varietal character. This site was likely a bank of a terrestrial water flow from a glacial ice melt. Agates and river rock were deposited on the surface, intermingling with wind-blown loess soil. More interestingly, what lies just beneath the rich sandy loam and rocky surface is what makes this location unique. This soil configuration is known as caliche! Pronounced kuh-lee-chee, it is hard enough to be referred to as a rock, but porous enough to break with a hammer. This calcium carbonate layer runs six to twelve inches deep in our estate just below the surface. While this rocky, sandy surface with a hard caliche layer may not seem like an ideal attribute, it defines our vineyard and the fruit produced. Our vines enjoy the wonderful and diverse land as they set root, and the unique soil conditions are apparent in every wine we create. We are beholden to the land we farm and bring our good fortune to our wines for your enjoyment.


Whitman Hill Winery’s mission is to create highly sought after wines from our estate grown vineyards that offers a luxurious everyday experience to share with family and friends.

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