Joel Santos

Vineyard Manager

Vineyard Team

“Every exceptional bottle of wine starts in the vineyard with a dedicated team tending to each vine.”

Wyatt Crist

Wine Experience team / Events Coordinator

Kat Edmondson

Wine Experience team / Member Coordinator


Our Yorkshire Terrier Winery Dog
“We believe wine tasting should be an experience. Come experience the difference at Whitman Hill Winery.”

whitman FAMILY

Scott, Denise and their boys, Cole and Bradley

The crest features the initials W & H for Whitman and Hill, Scott’s and Denise’s surnames. It also has three stars, the largest representing the North Star, inspiring hope and purpose, while the two smaller stars represent the Whitman’s two sons, Cole and Bradley. The stag is a shared symbol in both the Whitman and Hill family crests and connotes strength, fortitude, harmony, and healing. It is also emblematic of autumn and a bountiful harvest.



Whitman Hill Winery’s mission is to create highly sought after wines from our estate grown vineyards that offers a luxurious everyday experience to share with family and friends.

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